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How are stamps made?

April 28, 2020

Wie stellt man Stempel her?

Do you actually know how stamps are made? Somehow they look a little unspectacular, but there are a lot of steps:
After the design is finished, it is lasered into a rubber plate, this has to be pushed out of the plate and glued to the stamping wood. Finally a motif sticker is applied to the wood and you're done.
Stamps were one of our first products and I can still see myself working night shifts at the kitchen table and doing exactly this. I have to admit, sometimes I miss it a little. You could hear podcasts and get lost in your thoughts. The disadvantage of "working from home" was that the small pieces of rubber flew around the whole apartment and stuck to the socks. Years after nuukk already had its own office, I still found these rubber crumbs in various places in the apartment. In the meantime, I can only enjoy designing and stamping.
Now the whole production is done in a workshop for people with disabilities, with which we work. They're doing it with the utmost care. So when you buy a stamp, always remember: this is not a "factory product" that hops out of the machine just like that. This little wooden cube went through many loving hands.
We have designed 5 new motifs for you and would like to introduce them to you:

Leopard, koala, panda, rabbit and mouse are happy to decorate invitation cards or to hop into small gift bags on children's birthdays.