Bamboo Cup Deer & Antilope - nuukk

Bamboo Cup Bear

Size: 8 x 8,7 cm

Design: Anna Katharina Jansen
Material: plant fibers (bamboo, corn starch) biodegradable, binder melamine (BPA and formaldehyde-free).
Dishwasher safe, not suitable for microwave.
Sweet as dishes for children or for picnics.
The tableware series, which Anna designed for us, can be combines wonderfully with our grid plates.
Why bamboo dishes?
If you are looking for a light-weight yet sturdier tableware (breaks less easily than glass or porcelain) that is suitable for children and is perfect for picnics or camping, our bamboo tableware is the perfect choice. Bamboo is a fast renewable raw material, which allows to replace conventional melamine dishes and therefore (in the case of our dishes) to produce 85% less plastic. Win, win! 

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